The Most Crowd-Free Spot in Every State

Escaping madding crowds is always a good excuse to take the road less traveled
The Most Crowd-Free Spot in Your State

Taking a break, whether for the weekend, a week or a month, and going out of town is priceless. Don’t flock to tourist traps like New York or Los Angeles. Think outside the box instead and visit places you may have never heard of before.[slideshow:104555]

This kind of adventure has several important advantages – fewer crowds, cheaper prices and the bragging rights of discovering new destinations that will eventually become a hotspot. Plenty are worth your time.

Many are ideal for exhilarating expeditions that vary in nature—from exploring a lesser-known corner of the planet or going on a unique tour.

Some crowd-free spots deserve as much attention as some popular ones, but sometimes locals prefer to keep their homes out of the spotlight.

Escape the madding crowds and check the following under-the-radar gems. They are not completely empty, but you are not going to wait for hours just to see them.

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