The Least Expensive States for Vacationers

How much do you spend on vacations?


RewardExpert set out to dive into the state American vacationing by analyzing spending figures from transportation and lodging to food and entertainment.  

Nine of the 10 least expensive states for vacationers are in the South. On average, four day trips within the country cost Americans in the region $564.51.[slideshow:102720]

Southerners have a slightly higher savings rate than the national average, and according to the BLS, they make 7.9 percent less discretionary income than the national average. Essentially, Southerners make more and save less, which is unconducive to vacation spending.

The South has the largest spread for vacation spending of any of the surveyed regions. States like Mississippi and West Virginia are high poverty states, which put them toward the bottom of the regional list.

Mississippi, for example, has the lowest vacation spending total of any state in the country. On the other end, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia are known as wealthier states, so they have the resources to spend more on their vacations. Maryland, which spends the most on vacations in the region, spends a whopping 45.6 percent more than Mississippi per vacation.

For domestic trips, travelers from the South spend, on average, $138.34 on lodging. It accounts for less proportional travel expenditure in the South than any other region.

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