Last-Minute Camping Destinations for Best Views of the Total Solar Eclipse

It’s hard to believe but you can still find a unique lace to see the rare event


Just a few days from now one of the most mesmerizing celestial events will take place for a few brief minutes across the country. The total solar eclipse will occur for the first time since 1979.

The moon will pass in front of the sun, completely blocking it from view as it crosses the country. Almost the entire U.S. will be able to see a partial eclipse; however, the path of totality will only cross a few very specific spots.[slideshow:102320]

Those interested in seeing the total eclipse may want to consider taking a camping trip along the path of totality for the best experience possible.

One of the biggest advantages of campgrounds over hotels is that “you’re not just standing there; you get to play all day,” Jennifer Ludovice from Thousand Trails and Encore RV Resorts says. “There are smaller crowds, you are able to enjoy remote areas, and you also get unobstructed views of the sky.”

The following campgrounds are all in a great location – 98 percent obscurity. They have special events planned to celebrate the rare natural phenomenon such as making pinhole projectors, space-themed activities, outdoor movies at night, to name a few.

And don’t worry about not having the right kind of protective gear for the eyes. All campgrounds within the path of totality will pass out protective eyewear to all guests, Ludovice says.  

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