Haunted Houses You Can Actually Stay In

You’re in for a scare! Visit at your own risk.
25 Haunted Houses You Can Actually Stay In
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Staying at a spooky place is certainly a different kind of adventure. America has its fair share of ghostly and frightening lodgings.

While a death or an accidents here and there is not so uncommon in hotels, having the departed guests still linger there in the afterlife is.[slideshow:104574]

There are haunted houses — like the fabricated kinds designed for entertainment when Halloween comes around each year – and then there are haunted houses — houses and various other sites that many believe are inhabited by otherworldly beings.

Interestingly enough though, possible photographic evidence of such activities are somehow (almost) always missing. You can be the judge, though.

Whether you’re entirely skeptical or a believer who can’t wait to book an eerie stay, from California to New Hampshire, you have plenty of chances to stay in some of country’s most haunted hotels.

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