The Great American Bucket List: 50 Things to Do in the U.S. Before You Die

How many have you checked off already?


Part of every trip to an unfamiliar destination is a visit to one or two tourist traps. While some of them must be avoided at all times and costs, others are worth the time, effort and money. The same applies to off the beaten path destinations. But what are you going to do there?

From visiting all 59 national parks, which are still referred to as “America’s best idea,” to going to football games, embarking on a safari and even attending a rodeo, the great American bucket list has a stunning variety of activities and tons of places to see.[slideshow:89908]

The United States has a lot of popular and secret gemsnatural wonders to amaze the most experienced travelers, sports events to make the least athletic people excited about football, horses and race cars, and iconic sights to astonish history buffs.

Cruise around Alaska’s stunning coastline; explore the beauty of the ice caves and their incredible formations; hike along arguably the most famous long-distance trail in the world; and drive a few  of the most scenic roads in the entire country.

With the help from various travel sites and published adventure stories on The Active Times, we have compiled The Great American Bucket List.

It’s time to get out there and conquer the world. Grab your bucket list; you will definitely want to add these trips to it.


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