The Most Stunning Rooftop Pools in America

Dive into relaxing vibes and beautiful views

One of the best parts of summer is finally hitting the pool, whether it’s to get in some tanning, relax by the poolside with a book, burn some calories with a good water workout, or to swim a few laps and splash around with friends. What can make a trip to the pool even more enjoyable, however, is when that pool is stunningly gorgeous. You don’t need to be on a tropical getaway or out in the countryside to access a beautiful pool, however. While cities aren’t usually the first place you think of when looking for amazing poolsides, cities are chock-full of the best kind of swimming oasis: the rooftop pool.[slideshow:104437]

Rooftop pools can be found all over the country. Most commonly found on the top floor of a swanky hotel, you’ll also find them at dayclubs and nightclubs where poolside parties are in full swing. In addition to poolside food and bar service, many have cabanas for rent and live DJs for entertainment. When creating a bucket list of which rooftop pools one should visit, we predictably found many in New York, California, and Las Vegas,  but we also found them in Texas, Boston, Atlanta, and even D.C. Nearly all were spectacular hotel pools, but a surprising number are open to the public. If you’re looking for a great place to have some fun in the sun without getting sand in your pants, these rooftop pools are some of the coolest in the United States.


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