Cities to Move to Before They Get Too Popular

Get there before the word gets out and the prices go up


It all starts with a simple visit to an off the radar location. Traveling to places that have not yet been valued for their full potential has a few advantages – fewer crowds, cheaper prices and the bragging rights of discovering new places.[slideshow:102795]

There are plenty of underrated adventure destinations in the U.S. that are worth your time. Many are ideal for exhilarating quests ranging from exploring a lesser-known corner of the planet or going on a unique expedition. Most are perfect to call home.

Fabulous, albeit small, places in the U.S. can be found in every state. They deserve as much attention as their popular neighbors are getting, but sometimes locals prefer to keep their homes out of the spotlight. This won’t be the case for long.

The following list is based on a combination of several rankings done by U.S. News, Thrillist, and the Lincoln Property Company.

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