Beaches So Spectacular You'd Visit Them in a Sweater

There are some beaches so incredible visits shouldn’t be confined to one season

Ask just about anyone and they’ll tell you that beach getaways are for summer, but we think there are a few out there that are worth a visit when the weather cools down. [slideshow:80365]

Sure, the hot sun, smooth sand and revitalizing water that laps ashore can easily be enjoyed during the hotter months, but there are some beaches so spectacular that visits shouldn’t be confined to one season. We set out to highlight those magnificent sandy shores from around the country.

Some of the beaches on our list feature brilliant changing leaves, while others offer spectacular fall sunsets, but each stretch of shoreline has a few spectacular things to offer visitors. From California to Michigan, these are the beaches that are so spectacular you’d visit them in a sweater.

Iona’s Beach, Two Harbors, Minn.

Set on Minnesota’s north shore, Iona’s Beach and natural preserve is truly one-of-a-kind. “[It’s] a scene out of a fairy tale – a beach of utterly pink rock, piled in wave patterns as the baby blue waters of Lake Superior lap against them,” said Rob Bignell, an avid hiker and author. He added that the beach is usually empty in the fall, save for some seagulls. With temperatures generally ranging from the high 40s to high 60s in October, you’ll definitely want to bring along some extra layers.

Moonlight Beach, Encinitas, Calif.

With average temperatures in the high 60s and low 70s for October, you might only need a light sweater for this California beach, but the sunny days are really a big bonus. Local travel photographer Kim Olson said, “It’s often sunnier this time of year, the beach is far less crowded now that kids are back in school and there are facilities available at the beach. Some say fall is the best time here.”

8 Other Beaches So Spectacular You'd Visit Them in a Sweater

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