America’s 22 Most Scenic Road Trips You Need to Take Before You Die

Go ahead and hit the road; see for yourself why a road trip is an American classic


The U.S. is a big, beautiful country with many hidden treasures that most people never get to see because they think of islands, ski resorts or Europe when it comes to vacation destinations. While these are adventurous options, they are also much more expensive than an exciting road trip with your family or significant other.[slideshow:98755]

Taking an American road trip, which is considered a national rite of passage, is in the Top 10 of the most popular activities to do around the world in one’s life, according to a study.

There is something about just getting in the car, rolling the windows down and breathing fresh air that makes a road trip the perfect way to travel, especially if you feel like going on a quick getaway. Paying for gas, considering the strong dollar, will cost you a lot less than plane tickets or cruises.

Criss-cross the country via its most scenic routes. You have to see what the hype over the ultimate American trip, featured in many legendary movies, is all about. Witness first-hand why some of the following expeditions are on travelers’ bucket lists.

Hit the road and explore a new place, meet new people, and try unique food. Find out first hand why this way of traveling is an American classic.

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