The 50 Best Dog Parks in the U.S.

Man's best friends can have the time of their lives at these exceptional parks
The 50 best dog parks in the US


Whether you live in a small city apartment or a rural house, dog parks are an attractive option for getting your pup some fresh air, exercise, adventure and socialization with other dogs and people.

But there are certain must-haves that make a dog park an enjoyable experience, such as responsible owners, well-behaved dogs and well-maintained facilities.

On top of being large and clean spaces, many of them have begun offering amenities for both humans and pets. From swimming pools and showers to agility courses to snack bars, the best parks have serious perks.

Dogs can play and explore off-leash at these exceptional dog parks, runs, trails and beaches around the country.

Click here for the 50 best dog parks in the U.S.

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