These Are the Coolest College Towns in the U.S.

Where are you going to spend these precious four years of your life?
30 Coolest College Towns in America

Deciding where to go to college is probably one of the most important decisions a young person can make. What goes into considerations usually has to do with academic success and potential job prospects afterwards.[slideshow:104681]

What should also be considered, however, is location. After all, a student will be spending four years there. This is not just a little time. The city, not just the college or its name, is significant.

Ask most people and they will say that the town in which the higher education institution they attended is located was the absolute best. Opinions are, by definition, subjective. WalletHub compared 415 cities in America – small, big and average – based on 28 key indicators of academic, social and economic opportunities for students.

The data set ranges from cost of living, including the price of pizza and burgers, to quality of higher education to crime rate. The following list is in descending order.

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