2017's Best Cities for Halloween


When it comes to holidays summer and winter get all of the headlines and fall is a little bit of a middle child. Vacationers head to the airport and hit the beach so they can beat the heat and unwind from work; then autumn is over and winter travel season starts.[slideshow:102678]

With all of this hubbub it’s easy to forget some of the great things about traveling during fall. And there’s no better time to travel after the leaves have changed than Halloween.

It’s an exciting holiday and cities throughout the country pull out all the stops for citizens and visitors to have a spooktacularly good time. Whether you’re looking for a raucous Halloween costume bash, a hair-raising haunted tour or a family-friendly jaunt through a pumpkin patch, there are dozens of great cities all around the country to visit at the end of October.

The following list is based on research done by RewardExpert, a free service that helps travelers take full advantage of travel and credit card rewards.

The data report analyzes the top 20 most populous areas in each region of the country to determine the five best Halloween vacation destinations, based on Halloween activities, climate, safety, price and ease of transit.

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