The Most Expensive States for Vacationers

Many people are skipping their vacation days because going away is too expensive


Americans are known as being hard-working people, but they also love to kick back and take a vacation. Traveling is pretty well ingrained in local culture.

The Griswolds were always taking time off to travel for National Lampoon-style vacations. Jack Kerouac drew on experiences jaunting around the U.S. to write one of the beat generation’s seminal works, On the Road.[slideshow:102716]

However, people might not be doing this quite as much as they used to – or even as much as they should. Americans have been skipping their vacation days more and more over the last 15 years, according to Project Time-off.

As many as 55 percent didn’t use paid time off last year, not to mention much higher rates for unpaid days. Why aren’t people going on vacation? One of the reasons is that vacations just cost too much.

RewardExpert set out to dive into the state American vacationing by analyzing spending figures from transportation and lodging to food and entertainment.  

The numbers for each state represent how much residents of that state are spending on their vacations. For example, you’ll notice the numbers for Alaska are quite high; that's because they are so far removed from everything, so by default travel costs are much higher.

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