The 19 Best U.S. Cities to Spend a Big Weekend in Without Going Broke

Traveling on a budget is not an impossible task


It’s almost winter, which means that it’s time to start planning your holiday vacation. Whether you would rather escape the cold and head to a beach destination, or explore beautiful mountain towns across America, money is always a factor.

Traveling on a budget, especially during the holidays may sound like an impossible task. You want to be able to enjoy your weekend getaway without putting a huge dent in your pocket. The good news is that you can still enjoy trendy cities, breathtaking scenery, cultural attractions, and crazy adventures without breaking the bank.

Cities such as San Diego, Savannah, Charleston, and even New York City offer plenty of free activities to participate in, budget-friendly room rates, and inexpensive adventures to embark on.

With the help from Expatistan Cost of Living, here’s a list of the 19 best cities in the United States to spend a big weekend in without going broke.


The 19 Best U.S. Cities to Spend a Big Weekend in Without Going Broke


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