16 of the Most Haunted Cities in America

Explore the country’s dark side

America is home to many extraordinary cities that where unanswered mysteries attract ghost trackers and paranormal investigators. Do something different this Halloween and go on a spooky adventure to some of the most haunted cities in the U.S.

The history of such places with unsettled past usually involves a tragic event such as bloody fights where thousands of people died, cemeteries where victims of inhumane treatments were buried, natural disasters, and spirits of people who have experienced some kind of personal trauma.

Fake haunted houses and scary hay rides are everywhere when October rolls around. Some are better than others—some are very good in fact and they certainly have their place. But others are genuine, or at least appear to be.

Visitors to places in the following cities have reported run-ins with ghosts not only on Halloween but year round. Many haunted places have been remodeled as hotels that offer luxurious accommodations, fine dining and even murder mystery weekends

Haunted places have seen nightmares come to life within their very walls and the memories still haunt visitors today.

Click here for 16 of the most haunted cities in America

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