15 Weekend Trips to Take This Spring in the U.S.

Spring is the perfect time of the year to embark on a weekend getaway

Photo Modified: Flickr/m01229 /CC BY 4.0

Most people can’t go on vacations every week to regroup, but they can take advantage of a relaxing or adventurous weekend getaway instead.

There is always a place near you where you can go to shake off work without driving for days. 

Spring is a great time to explore this kind of trip because it’s not the holiday season yet, crowds are smaller, prices are lower, and gas is still cheap. Whether you are looking for a place to take your family or are traveling solo, there is a getaway for you.[slideshow:84220]

Plan your upcoming escape. You have endless options – camping, hiking, boating, rafting, wine and bourbon tasting, beach-hopping, to name a few.

The places on the list are accessible, affordable and fun. Some are romantic – in case you want to swap the boring dollar pizza and Netflix date night for an adventurous weekend that won’t break the bank.


15 Weekend Trips to Take This Spring in the U.S.


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