15 of the Best Romantic Vacation Spots in the U.S.

Tropical islands are not the only ideal destinations for an exciting trip with your significant other


Whether your preferred kind of place to be with your significant other is a beach, a mountain, the ocean or a desert, you can find romance almost everywhere.[slideshow:102576]

Some places, however, are simply better suited for a romantic, and adventurous, honeymoon or a weekend getaway. And they are not all islands.

People don’t need a special reason to celebrate love. They don’t need to travel just on special occasions around anniversaries; do it just because. Some couples need to “escape” together to revive their passion for one another in fresh surroundings.

Take a break from the stressful, everyday life and spend some quality time with your other half. You won’t have any problems keeping the flames burning at the following destinations. They will make you fall in love all over again.

They have everything you want or need on such a trip – a feel-good atmosphere, privacy, couple-friendly adventures, and privacy.

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