11 Terrifying Abandoned Places in the U.S.

Would you dare to go there?


If there is one thing cities, towns and villages of all sizes and cultures have in common it is people. When they are missing – whether you know the reason why or not – a place feels scary and it sends bad vibes. Your only companions in certain spots will be ghosts, if you believe in them.[slideshow:101140]

It’s always a special feeling to explore a city, mall, park, hospital, or even a regular residential house where hundreds of people have lived or visited over the years, but now sits in ruins, deserted and letting nature take over.

So what is it about abandoned places that attract people’s attention in a mystifying way? The way some eerie spots allow visitors to engage their imagination is mesmerizing. 

Certain towns have everything they once did – minus the people (unless you believe in ghosts). Malls, parks, hospital, houses – nature, and sometimes miscreants, take advantage of the lack of inhabitants, painting a terrifying picture.

Frozen in time, and often hidden, abandoned places continue to fascinate. Creepy mansions, haunted basements, mysterious roads — America has plenty of uninhibited places where you can go to get the chills.

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