10 Haunted Hikes in the U.S.

Embark on a paranormal adventure


Fake haunted houses and spooky hay rides are everywhere as soon as summer is officially over. Some are more believable than others; others seem absolutely genuine, considering the frank and open accounts of people’s personal encounters with what they believe to be ghosts.[slideshow:91424]

Haunted places make for a very interesting campfire story, but it doesn’t always have to be a tale of evil spirits trying to kill people. Sometimes the ghost is actually trying to help hikers find their way back to civilization.

You may have already walked through a haunted hike, but you just didn’t know it. From Maine to New York, Virginia and California, they are located all over the United States.

If you enjoy embarking on paranormal adventures and experiencing strange sites then these are the hikes for you. But prepare yourself, because it is likely that you will hear unsettling noises and see strange things.

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