The 10 Best Fall Weekend Trips on the East Coast

The destinations on this list are the perfect weekend escape


Although we all wish we could take week-long vacations, it’s not always possible. Getting off work can be tough, and large expenses can force you to put your trip on hold. But the good news is that you can still travel on the weekends.

The destinations on this list are the perfect escape. They boast colorful displays of reds, purples and yellows — you can watch the season change right before your eyes.

From New York to South Carolina, Maine, and Connecticut, you will find some of the most magnificent fall foliage in the country.

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Embark on a hike, take a bike ride, visit a national park, go on a road trip, or camp out overnight. Visit some of the world’s most romantic cities, participate in family fun activities, and attend tons of fall festivals.

Start planning now, pack your car, and head out for the weekend. These are the 10 best fall weekend trips on the east coast.


The 10 Best Fall Weekend Trips on the East Coast


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