parks fall foliage

These U.S. Parks Are Gorgeous in the Fall

Find some gorgeous foliage at these spots
parks fall foliage

These public parks are the best places to hike, bike, and camp among some beautiful fall foliage. 

One of the best ways to witness the magic that is fall foliage in the United States is through the country’s many public parks, full of trails, lakes, and rivers lined by impressive trees. From some of the country’s top national parks to state and county parks and preserves, many of the nation’s natural sites are utterly stunning once the season changes and those trees are transformed.[slideshow:104623]

Take a spectacular hike surrounded by reds, oranges, yellows, and even purples, and take a photo while you’re at it because in the autumn, these parks can be picture perfect. Climate change is changing many destinations, and it’s also causing the fall season to become shorter and less of a certainty in many places too. America’s parks, however, particularly those in the Northeast, almost always guarantee a stunning sight, and these parks are the best for those seeking to enjoy the incredible colors of fall.


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