Most Underrated National Parks in the U.S.

This is where you go if you want adventure minus big crowds
Most Underrated National Parks in the U.S.

Everybody has heard of the Grand Canyon or the Rocky Mountain national parks, and rightfully so. They offer vast wilderness and amazing opportunities for adventure and family fun. But there are more than 55 other national parks that reward visitors with similar experiences.[slideshow:104043]

The fact that they are not as crowded as their popular counterparts is, to many people, a huge bonus. Don’t miss out on “America’s best idea” while missing out on the annoying crowds. Witness for yourself what majestic beauty really is.

For every park where masses of tourists frustrate you and prevent you from reconnecting with Mother Nature, there’s a magnificent piece of land someplace else that’s wonderfully wild and uninhabited.

National parks have become a popular escape. They bring a unique variety of gorgeous landscapes, various wildlife, adventure sports, and incredible scenery. No doubt you’ve heard of the Great Smoky Mountains, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. They were among the most visited national parks in 2015.

You’ll be surprised to find out that some lesser-known national parks offer privacy, adventure and spectacular outlooks all at the same time.

As parks in certain parts of the U.S. are chasing the winter’s blues away, you can plan your dream trip and experience the best of what nature can offer. This is the time to emerge from your winter hibernation and discover new places.

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