The World’s Coolest Passport Stamps

Go to these places if you want to have an impressive passport


Have you ever met a person who is very excited about having as many stamps from different countries as possible on his or her passports? You’re right; this is very common. To some people it is too important and they will travel days by boat just to get a stamp from an island. Exploring it may even be optional.[slideshow:101895]

You may wonder why a little drawing on a passport is so precious. It can be understood as the beginning or end of a unique adventure. It is a badge of honor that symbolizes a long road traveled. Last but not least, it is proof you were at that unique place you were telling people about and no one believed you.

Going through customs is usually a dreaded moment by tourists. Just imagine the long lines, masses of people, and lighting that hurts your eyes. But to a distinct few this may be the highlight of their trip.

Some of the most ambitious travelers may go as far as Antarctica and its Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station for the prize of being able to show the creative and impressive official mark to friends.

Certain stamps are frankly peculiar and odd, while others may be more appropriate for the “charming” category, but they are all cool.

Click here for 12 of the world’s coolest passport stamps

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