The Weirdest Pets That Have Flown on an Airplane

A lot of out-of-the-ordinary pets that are actually allowed on board


Next time you board a plane and find out that you are sitting next to a duck, baby monkey or even a pig, don’t freak out. They are becoming frequent flyers as cats and dogs are not the only pets allowed to be “emotional support animals,” or ESAs.

Sometimes unconventional animal-passengers, such as snakes and crocodiles, are hidden in the luggage or in the overhead bins. But they can sneak away and cause panic. Certain creatures, such as snakes, cannot be certified as ESAs but people still smuggle them on board.

There are times when certain strange pets, such as a turkey dressed as a superhero, charms its fellow passengers; and other instances when they simply disgust other people in the cabin by having bouts of diarrhea.

Animals, even the bizarre ones, are an equal member of your family – you take great care of them; you feed them; play with them; and you love them unconditionally. So you would not leave them at home when you on vacation.

Out-of-the-ordinary pets that are allowed on board, but they need to have proper documentation such as attached photo ID card and a letter from a mental health professional. The airlines cannot charge you additional fees when you have them.

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