Weird Things You Never Knew About Flying

What you do and how you feel on a plane will probably change after reading this
Weird Things You Never Knew About Flying


Flying is still a mysterious experience that terrifies some people. After all, you are doing something that is naturally not possible. Worldwide, 2.75 billion passengers fly on commercial airlines every year.[slideshow:103925]

Planes are scary machines that can be very intimidating, especially if you don’t know anything about air travel.

The general public seems to think that passengers can get sucked down a toilet during a flight or that everyone onboard will get sick as soon as someone sneezes. Some people probably avoid drinking while flying because they are afraid they will get drunk quicker.

Also, don’t freak out the next time there is turbulence. In fact, expect it to happen just like you expect water and snacks to be served on a long flight. Remember that it’s not dangerous and breathe. What is actually dangerous about flying is the tray table. 

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