Travel is Good for You: 3 Ways Vacations Help Your Health

Taking off on a trip is not only exciting, it’s actually good for you

Booking a flight and setting travel plans is exciting—it’s a sign that a new adventure isn’t far off and, in light of that excitement, it’s no wonder why you choose to travel. You likely know that trips make you happy, but you might not realize that vacations can also help your health.

Travel Gets You Moving
From toting your luggage around to wandering the streets of a new city, travel gets you away from your desk and moving. It’s tough to be sedentary when there’s so much to see and we’re not even counting the actual activities that come up while on vacation. On top of exploring on foot, travel often gives us the opportunity to try new sports (like waterskiing) or to try new things (say, dancing in Colombia).

Vacations Help Alleviate Stress
It’s no surprise that a little time away from the office and other day-to-day stressors would help you relax. Breaking from a monotonous routine brings big benefits for the mind and a vacation every once in a while helps you avoid burnout.

Travel Helps the Mind
Traveling, especially somewhere completely new, stimulates and even challenges the mind. That stimulation, it seems, is great for overall cognitive health. According to Dr. Brendan Kelley, a neurologist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, “Many studies have associated greater cognitive stimulation with preserved brain health… The key seems to be engaging in activities that we find interesting and that stimulate our minds.”

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