Travel Agents Share Their Best Money-Saving Tips

Why pay more than you need to on travel?


Travel expenses include a lot more than the plane ticket. Food, drinks, hotels, ATM fees, transportation, clothes – people often ignore or underestimate how much all of these can add up and really make you go over your budget.

Cut costs and travel for less by incorporating certain tips and tricks while planning your vacation.

The unnecessary stress of spending more than you can afford can be avoided. You can save a lot on restaurants and bars if you have a general idea of where you should not go; you can easily avoid having to buy clothes because you didn’t have space to bring a sweater; and you can always spend less on tours.

You may be surprised to find out that you don’t always have to tip and people in certain countries even find it offensive. Unless you’re going to Italy or another country known for its cuisine, you can easily get away with having to pay for one meal and a snack during the entire day – just make sure you stay at a hotel offering breakfast until later in the morning.

Creating a budget is not as exhilarating as actually planning what to spend the money on, but it’s a necessary evil. You won’t have to know what the “where did all my money go?” feeling is like.  

Click here for 15 money-saving tips from travel agents

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