Things Flight Attendants Notice About You When You Board a Plane

You are being watched for more things than you think


Flight attendants always look happy and relaxed, but they are actually doing several things at once. They may be serving drinks and chatting with passengers, but they are also keeping a close eye for big and small threats. It all starts as soon as you step on board.[slideshow:102336]

The Active Times asked the Flight Attendant Prep Academy to conduct an online poll asking current flight attendants one question:  “As a Flight Attendant, what is the first thing you notice about passengers as they are boarding the flight?”

Even though crew members look at many things during the boarding process, the No. 1 answer they agreed on was simply if a passenger acknowledges and says “hello” back when being greeted at the door, Lia Volpe, flight attendant and owner of the academy, says.  “A simple gesture such as saying hello, smiling and acknowledging us will make our day.”

What people often don’t understand is that flight attendants are trained on more than pouring a can of soda; they are actually required to know everything regarding safety, so they look for everything that has to do with your appearance and conduct.

Click here for the answers from several major and regional flight attendants

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