Thanksgiving Travel Tips From 20 Experienced Travelers

Experts share how to keep the holidays stress-free
survive thanksgiving travel


These travel experts gave us some great tips on how to make Thanksgiving trips more bearable.

Whether you’ve left your Thanksgiving travel plans to the last minute or you’ve been prepared for weeks in advance, it’s still one of the worst times of the year for traveling. Airports can be absolute chaos, flights often get delayed or cancelled, and many people are on edge at the prospect of having to deal with family.

How to Survive Thanksgiving Travel, According to 20 Savvy Travelers Gallery

Everyone makes travel mistakes during the holidays, but if you’re lucky, you may just be able to avoid them and have a smooth and utterly successful trip. In order to figure out how to make your Thanksgiving trip as painless as possible, The Active Times spoke with 20 savvy and experienced travelers to see what they had to suggest from their own personal experience. Their tips were a variety of money-saving ideas, time-saving hacks, and clever ways to ensure your convenience as you take on one of the most difficult times to fly or drive around the country. You don’t want your amazing Thanksgiving destination or cozy family dinner ruined before you even get there, so here’s a handy guide on how to survive Thanksgiving travel.