Saving Tips on Last-Minute Spring Break Travel

A Spring Break Vacation doesn't have to break the bank


It’s March – time to put the puffy jackets, big boots, and wool sweaters away and immerse yourself in a thrilling and refreshing excursion.

Not many people wait until the last minute to book a trip around this peak vacation time. “Those who do either have unpredictable schedules or are procrastinators,” Ivy Chou, travel expert at DealsPlus, says. Data show that those interested in traveling for Spring Break start looking the first week of December, she adds. “After February 3, searches significantly drop.”[slideshow:99281]

One of the biggest concerns of last-minute travel is whether popular destinations will cancel out quickly, Chou says. “Hotels don’t release their inventory all at once because they want to maximize and see how many they can sell.” So, you’ll most likely pay more, but you’ll find a room.

She also recommends searching hotel sites at least at the same time you’re looking at sites like Airbnb because prices on such home-sharing platforms “don’t fluctuate as much.”

Another stressful aspect of Spring Break planning in general is searching for good prices. “Unless you catch a real last-minute deal, things won’t be cheaper,” Chou says. But people who are flexible with dates and travel times have a good chance of coming across at least discounted flights, she adds. “Airlines try to sell everything they have.”

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