Road Trips: What You Must Always Have in Your Car

Always hope for the best but prepare for the worst


You are a spontaneous person and decide to go on a road trip. But your adventure is facing a big problem – you get a flat tire. You don’t have a spare because most new cars don’t come with one; you want to call for help but the cold has killed your battery. What do you do now?[slideshow:102604]

You have to wait for another car to drive by and help you out. No one knows how long this will take – after all, you are probably in the middle of a state road in a national park.

In the meantime you are getting thirsty and hungry, but you don’t have supplies in the car because you were planning on getting some snacks at the next exit, which is 10 miles away.

The temperature inside the car is high enough because the vehicle is on but you’re going to run out of fuel soon. Even if you had the extra clothes to keep warm and walk to a gas station, you don’t have a container to transport it back to the car.

Basically, you are the most underprepared person for a road trip. Don’t ever find yourself in a situation like this. It can save you and your passengers’ lives.

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