Haunting Photos of Abandoned Places

‘Tis the season for some frightful fun


For some, Halloween means pumpkin-carving, candy collecting and costume contests. But for others, the real holiday spirit is best embodied by a truly terrifying, scare-your-pants-off experience.[slideshow:102702]

If the holiday spirit to you is best exemplified by a truly terrifying experience, you may want to organize a road trip and visit more than just one of the places on the following list.

Some places have been abandoned due to forces of nature, war, radiation or other biological hazards.

Is the reason why they are now uninhabited what attracts people’s attention? Perhaps it’s the challenge to imagine how former residents lived in the middle of the desert without many modern comforts.

Going on an adventure to a haunted place, if you believe in ghosts that is, is an experience only enhanced by the fog drifting out of valleys, leafless trees in the forests and chill air that are typical of the fall.

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