creepiest urban legends

These Urban Legends Will Totally Freak You Out

We’d advise against reading these in the dark
creepiest urban legends

These urban legends from around the country are some of the creepiest of all time, perfect for campfire stories or getting into the Halloween spirit.

Call it folklore or a legend, but certain scary stories have been told for generations. These are told around campfires, at sleepovers, by parents trying to keep their kids in line, or by locals about the spooky house down the street. They’re whispered around campfires and passed down from generation to generation.[slideshow:104747]


Ranging from a disfigured man lurking in a tunnel and a creepy clown stalking children to a ghost ship on the river and haunted hotels, these stories have most certainly sparked fear even in the most courageous person. Or, at the very least, made you look twice before walking into a room or under a bridge.


Some of these cautionary tales are pure fiction (at least we think), while others are rooted in the truth, making them that much creepier. A local tragedy or weird next-door neighbor becomes a haunting or warning. Regardless, each time they’re told, the terror continues, and the legend lives on.


While almost every country, city, and town has its own legend to be told, some have gained a bit more notoriety than others. Some have even landed in recent news making headlines for their creepiness factor; others inspired movies and TV shows. This list of 25 urban legends from across the country will undoubtedly have you sleeping with the light on tonight.


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