The Best and Worst Times to Travel for the Holidays

Try to minimize the chaos as you travel home for the holidays
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These dates are the best and worst days of the year for holiday season travel around Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

With Thanksgiving under our belts — and a few too many platefuls — it’s officially time to focus on Christmas and the new year! The holiday season is supposed to be “the most wonderful time of year,” but we all know that when it comes to traveling it can also be one of the most stressful and expensive times of year, too.

The Best and Worst Days of the Year for Holiday Travel Gallery

Popular travel days lead to higher airfares, longer security lines, busier street traffic, and all around less merriment for those unprepared to deal with the hoards of travelers making their way through the particularly crowded airports. However, if you have a flexible schedule, it might delight you to know that there are a handful of days during the holiday season where travelling can be a breeze.


If you don’t mind making your travel arrangements for Christmas Day, for instance, you won’t have to put up with too many other travelers. Airlines sometimes give perks like upgraded seats or complimentary meals to those traveling on these days because, well, it’s Christmas! If you don’t want to travel on Christmas Day but have the ability to fly out a week before, CheapAir’s flight report shows that December 18 is a good day for holiday travel as well. It’s during crunch time that you can expect airports to turn into a circus. That includes days just before Christmas Eve as well as just before or after New Year’s. To make sure you book the right flights, here is a full list of the best and worst travel days of the holiday season.