Awesome Spring Break Trips to Pay for With Your Tax Refund

The Best Spring Break Trips to Pay for With Your Tax Refund


Most people will be tempted to save the money for rainy days. But don’t you think you deserve to live a little after working so hard all year?[slideshow:103918]

You can travel to an affordable adventure destination or go somewhere and splurge. Either way, packing your bags and going away for a week will be one of best ideas you’ll have all year.

Research shows that most people will put the money in savings – more than 40 percent. The next most popular use of tax refunds is paying off debt such as student loans and credit cards. Paying for a vacation is ranked third, right before spending it on an expensive item such a TV or nice shoes.

Everybody has a list of adventures he or she wants to embark on, but many people probably don’t take the time to work out the finances. A tax refund may be your chance.

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