7 Ways to Get Your Workout in While Traveling

Vacationing doesn't have to mean derailing your fitness goals


The holidays may be over but traveling never is. It can be an especially busy and hectic time for people, but that is no excuse to let your workout routine get off track.

Ordinary life offers all kinds of excuses not to exercise – from “I’m burned out” to “I have an early meeting and I need some sleep.” Going on vacation is by far the best one. But you should resist the temptation because it can lead to an inactive lifestyle and the price you pay for it is high and it comes in the form of physical pain and obesity.

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Ivy Karlinsky, personal trainer at Transform 180 Training, created the following list to make it easy to squeeze in your sweat session no matter where you are and keep up your progress.

Pack wisely


You definitely can't work out if you don't bring the right shoes or clothing. Make sure your athletic shoes and extra pair of shorts make it into your bag so you can head out for a quick run and explore your new surroundings.

Scope out the local options


With a little research you can easily find local boot camps, yoga studios and fitness classes. Many gyms will offer free introductory weeks or specials for people to try out facilities so you can still fit in a lift on your trip.

Walk the terminal


Flight delayed or got to the airport too early? Go for a walk around the terminal and take a few laps before you get on the plane. You'll feel better when you have to sit for hours on the plane and burn some extra calories.

Try something new


Heading to the mountains? This is a perfect way to scope out a new hike. Going somewhere warm? Kayaking and snorkeling are both super fun ways to get moving on your trip

Skip the Uber


Walking through a new city is a great way to sneak in a bit of exercise, save money and see some new sights. Since you already packed the right shoes you'll all ready to walk your away around town.

Make it a family affair


It can be hard to step away from family when you’re all together celebrating, so try to get everyone involved. Suggest a walk to the restaurant down the street or that you all try a new fitness class together.

Use your bodyweight


If you absolutely can't find a gym and the weather isn’t cooperating, there are countless workouts you can do from the comfort of your hotel room or living room without any special equipment.

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Here is a perfect example you can do anywhere: Repeat 2-3 times:

Mountain climbers: 30sec

Squats: 10

Push-up: 10

Crunches: 30 sec

Plank: 30 sec

Burpee: 5

Or give the 7 minute workout a try, do each exercise for 30 seconds, as hard as you can, the only thing you need is a chair. Repeat 2-3 times if you can.

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