5 Travel Tips for Busy Moms

Make work/life balance achievable


Traveling is not always a choice. People sometimes absolutely have to because their job requires it. Oftentimes when this is the case, they feel like they are living out of a suitcase because they spend several days a week at airports and on planes instead of at home. This can make a day incredibly hectic and stressful.

Jordana Woodland, model, mother and Founder/Creative Director of Naked Princesshas several #momboss hacks and tips that will help.

As a mother of three, she splits her time flying between Montana to raise her children and running her business out of Los Angeles. She can be on anywhere near 3-4 flights per week. To maintain work/life balance, Woodland has streamlined the packing and traveling process. 

Print out your calendars

“I’m a very visual and tactile person so I’ve never been able to only rely on digital calendars to organize my personal and professional schedules,” Woodland says. If you, too, are like that, try posting a physical calendar in a place where you and your kids can see it throughout the day. “[This] is key to keeping me and my household on track. My kids especially appreciate seeing what Mom is up to that day,” she adds.

Put a label on it

“I’m obsessed with my label maker! No more anonymous bins, boxes, bags or jars. If you simply put a label on it you can easily find what you’re looking for,” Woodland says. “It saves time, money and your sanity.”

Pack by outfit

“My company, Naked Princess, has me traveling quite a bit throughout the month, so I have packing down to a science at this point,” Woodland says. “It’s all about prepping your outfits before you leave!”

Check the weather for your destination and plan each day’s ensemble accordingly, and pack everything you’ll need for each outfit, including the appropriate underwear, bra, accessories etc. in one baggie. “This way you’ll never again find yourself in the predicament of under or over packing. Your sartorial decisions have all been planned out ahead of time,” she adds.

Put it where you can see it

Clear pouches are a must for toiletries and makeup, Woodland says. “Don’t waste time digging through bags of compacts, bottles and lip gloss tubes.” Put everything in clear pouches and there’s no searching required. You can find what you want, when you want it, she adds.

Just say No to big bags

“I used to be in love with those big purses than can fit anything and everything. I’ve realized that in carrying around a big bag it quickly becomes black hole of chaos,” Woodland says.

Your purse turns into a mess of random items and you’ll spend 10 minutes trying to find what pocket your keys are in. “Downsizing your bag will force you to only pack the essentials for that day. It’s a simple adjustment that saves you time, energy and a headache.”

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