21 Adorable Animals That Will Instantly Make You Smile


Have you heard of the saying “Smile because you never know who’s falling in love with you?” Smiling really does make you physically more attractive, it releases stress, keeps you looking young, makes you happy, and is contagious, but finding a reason to smile is easier said than done.

Whether animals have the ability to smile is still debated. Until recently, most animal behaviorists believed that an animal’s use of what we call a smile is no more than a collection of conditioned reflexes that move the muscles in the face, according to the Ecology Global Network.[slideshow:89682]

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What is absolutely certain, though, is their ability to make human smile and laugh. These are animals so adorable, you just want to pick them up, hold them tight and squeeze them.

From a furry friend all dressed up, to a cute little cat sipping water and a bundle of puppies, pet lovers will not be disappointed.

But we're not just talking about dogs and cats. Lions are adorable when they yawn, baby polar bears will put a smile on your face and the photo of the lioness with her cub, will just melt your heart.


21 Adorable Animals That Will Instantly Make You Smile


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