20 Tips to Alleviate Winter Travel Woes

Winter travel is tricky in many ways


Traveling during the winter usually has something to do with the holidays – whether it’s because you’re going to a specific place to celebrate or you’re flying or driving at off-peak times to avoid crowds.[slideshow:102824]

Whichever it is, skyrocketing fares, huge traffic jams, and big crowds are likely problems. And if that’s not enough, you can always count on the weather, especially if you’re passing by a snowstorm-prone city.

So how you avoid problems such as full planes, no seats being available, icy roads, chaotic crowds, and your phone not working?

You don’t have to turn Christmas into the most stressful time of the year even if you’re going overseas to celebrate. Deals can be found if you know when and where to look, bad weather can be avoided, and all the gifts can arrive in time and intact.

This may be the season of mistletoe, songs, gifts and happy cheer, but it’s also the season for delays, chaos, lost deliveries, huge security lines at airports and overbooked flights…unless you know how to avoid all that.

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