10 Tips to Help Make Traveling Easier on Your Body

Skip the jet lag, stiffness and fatigue


Every day more than 8 million people travel via plane. When they land, they experience exhaustion, jet lag and stiffness. The best way to minimize the negative effects of sitting for several hours in a confined area is by moving as much as possible.[slideshow:102403]

You can exercise anywhere, including when you’re thousands of feet up in the air, in a small and enclosed space, with a few hundred other people.

 “Think of yourself as a whole,” Carrie Owerko, Yoga Instructor and Iyengar Specialist, says. “The single most important thing is to move the whole body.”

Iyengar yoga is, which Owerko calls “playful yoga,” is like all yoga, a mind body discipline. “It is a playful approach to practice adds an element of fun and variability,” she adds. Play by nature is light hearted, exploratory, and less predictable. Life is also unpredictable.

“By practicing playfully we tend to move in more diverse ways, and possibly end up being better prepared for the unexpected. And, it is fun!” she adds. “When something is enjoyable, we tend to want to do it more often.”

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