The 10 Secret Vacation Behaviors You KNOW You're Guilty Of

What do you do when no one is watching?


Even with the rise of Airbnb and other sites where you can crash on someone’s couch while you’re on vacation, a lot of people prefer the comfort of hotels. Who can blame them?[slideshow:102280]

The fresh sheets that are changed every day, the soft robes you wish you can take home, and room service…no one will refuse such services if they were available, especially free of charge.

Staying at hotels is not the cheapest accommodation available, and most travelers want to get their money’s worth. This often means engaging in behavior they normally would not if other people were around.

Some 60 percent of hotel guests – 1,000 adult travelers – engage in quirky behavior while traveling, according to a survey conducted by Hyatt Place hotels.  That may include taking calls while naked or never leaving the room wearing your underwear.

These are some of the hush-hush conducts most people are embarrassed to admit.

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