The Most Outrageous Things You Can Do on a Cruise

The Most Outrageous Things You Can Do on a Cruise

Flickr/Jay Malone/CC BY 4.0

The Most Outrageous Things You Can Do on a Cruise

Flickr/Jay Malone/CC BY 4.0

If you’re someone who enjoys traveling but doesn’t want to have to choose between specific destinations, then a cruise is your best option. Travel to numerous places without having to pack and unpack your bags. Enjoy stress-free travel because the ship takes care of everything – dining, accommodations and entertainment, to name a few.

Skydiving- Royal Caribbean Quantum-Class Ships

Experience the thrill of a lifetime. Royal Caribbean offers the first ever skydiving simulator at sea. A glass wind box, which is 23 ft. tall, acts as the flight chamber. The view and feeling inside is incredible. You can also surf onboard, climb a 43 ft. high rock climbing wall, get your PADI scuba diving certificate, and zip line.

Have a Drink in an Ice Bar- Norwegian Getaway

The Svedka & Inniskillin Ice Bar, inspired by the original ice hotels in Scandinavia, is an artic chamber that consists of bars, walls, seats, and glasses which are all made from ice, says. The ships also offer zip lining. Fly 82 feet across the decks. Other options include riding an underwater scooter and swimming with sea lions.

Vertigo Water Slide- MSC Preziosa

The MSC Preziosa features the longest single-rider water slide on the seas. Starting way up on deck 18, Vertigo offers a thrilling journey through 390 ft. of twists and turns. Bands of color create a wonderful strobe effect as passengers zip through the tube. And when it shoots out over the edge of the ship, guests are able to enjoy amazing views of the sea below.

Go Jet Skiing- SeaDream Yacht Club

This is your cruise if you’re really into jet skiing. Few have this adventure on their lists of activities. Imagine going fast on a jet in the middle of the ocean where the only thing you see for miles is water. The sports platforms also have sailboats and kayaks. This cruise is just like traveling on a yacht. The SeaDream also offers the option of sleeping under the stars. This trip can also be an adventure for your taste buds. It’s known for its astounding and diverse cuisine.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling- Zegrahm Expeditions


Zegrahm Expeditions offer memorable adventures for divers and people who love snorkeling. You get to go to the Coral Triangle which has more than 2,000 species of fish. It’s a remote location in Micronesia where you get to see how locals live. Many of the ships offer scuba diving.

Kayaking- Quark Expeditions


You can kayak with whales and see penguins building their nests. How would you feel if you had to navigate through a maze of icebergs? This cruise will let you know. Plus, you get to see all the Antarctic Peninsula attractions. Do you want to discover the seventh continent and ice break your way through the Antarctic? You can sled over the frozen water (and hope the ice doesn’t crack).

Jump Off of the Ship- Seabourn Cruise Line

This is a relatively small luxury cruise but it has top-notch aft marinas. You get to jump in the ocean straight off the ship. You can swim, snorkel, paddleboard and kayak directly off the cruise too. Other adventures include sailing and water skiing.

Slideboarding- MSC Seaside

Experience the most Interactive Aqua Park at Sea: First to feature interactive Slideboarding technology, which combines a unique water slide and an interactive video game all-in-one. Guests race down a two-story, 367-foot slide on a sleekly designed raft that includes an embedded game controller with colored buttons. The end goal – match the color of the flashing strobe lights seen on various sections of the slide with the colored buttons on the raft.

Surfing- Royal Caribbean

Experience the thrill of surfing and boogie boarding from the deck of your cruise ship. The FlowRider mimics what it is like to surf on the ocean. Royal Caribbean has been adding more FlowRiders to its ships, some of which include Freedom of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas, Quantum of the Seas, and Oasis of the Seas.

Ride a Water Coaster- Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy

Flickr/Jay Malone/CC BY 4.0

Those of you looking for some adrenaline pumping fun will want to take full advantage of AquaDuck, home to the famous “water coaster.” Ride the coaster up, down and off the side of the ship through the forward funnel – on a thrilling 4-deck drop.

Race Car Simulator- MSC Fantasia-Class Ships

Get your adrenalin pumping on the Formula One race car Simulator – offered on MSC’s Fantasia-class ships (MSC Fantasia, MSC Preziosa, MSC Divina, and MSC Splendida). Guests enjoy six pulsating minutes of action-packed racing in a super drive Formula One race car simulator with 3 surround monitors.

Circus Dinner- Norwegian Epic’s Cirque Dreams and Dinner

This unique dining experience, a European-style circus, is described as a dinner theatre show, but it bears no resemblance to a traditional performance, says. Watch fliers, acrobats and clowns as they perform in front of you, over and around dinner tables.