Easy, Warm Getaways to Leave For Right Now from Easy, Warm Getaways to Leave For Right Now

Easy, Warm Getaways to Leave For Right Now

Fall isn’t over yet but winter is already beginning to remind of its wrath. By the end of November many people will feel like they’re ready for summer.You can’t change nature’s biological clock but you can trick it. Heat things up and plan a vacation where the heaviest garment on your body will be hiking shorts.

San Jose, Costa Rica


The weather in San José this time of the year is comfortable in the high 70s. You may have to dig deep to discover the city’s charm but your efforts will be worth it. Its central location allows for direct access to the most popular attractions throughout the country. From volcano hiking to jungle zip lining, the country is essentially an adventure-lover’s paradise, and with its many stunning landscapes it also makes for a romantic honeymoon setting. One trip can easily include hiking, biking, kayaking and whitewater rafting through jungles. If you are ready to face your fears, head to Cocos Island, one of the world’s most famous places for shark sightings.

Hilo, Hawaii


Enjoy the nice weather before the crowds start to get bigger around the holidays. This is a historic town with great attractions, shops and cultural sites. Also, the largest settlement on the Big Island, did you know that Hilo is home to the only ski destination in Hawaii? The city sits atop two volcanoes and overlooks Hilo Bay. Also, Hawaii is well-known for its popular cliff diving spots, one of which is Kawainui Falls in Hilo.

Willemstad, Curacao


Just off the Venezuelan coast, the Caribbean island of Curaçao is beloved for the vibrantly colored Dutch colonial architecture of its capital city, Willemstad. Forty miles to the northwest, the island transforms into a rugged desert wilderness, complete with cacti, green iguanas, and unique orchids and bromeliads. Explore Christoffel National Park on horseback, by jeep safari, or on one of the eight hiking trails, the most advanced of which leads to the 1,230-foot-tall summit of Mount Christoffel.

Maundays Bay, Anguilla


This is a small treasure island in northern Caribbean. Vacationers who seek privacy go to Cap Juluca, one of the most exclusive resorts in the world. Serene and secluded, the flat bay has almost no hills ensuring almost constant trade winds. Anguilla is famous for its turquoise ocean, exquisite white sand beaches and wonderful varied local cuisine. 

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


This is where you go in Florida if you are looking for more relaxation at gorgeous beaches, but with a lively enough vibe. The city is comprised of approximately 23 miles of stunning shores. Watch the sunset at Deerfield Beach, unwind at Hillsboro Beach, take up a new water sport at Pompano Beach, and enjoy the beautiful scenery at Dania Beach. The city is also known for arts, culture and events. Go shopping on Las Olas Boulevard, take gondola rides on the canals, or, for the more active tourists, dive into the Atlantic and hike into the Everglades.

Paracas, Peru


This is a wonderful nature and biodiversity destination, a place of gentle beaches and sunny weather most of the year. It is also a spa – village, a peninsula, a bay, a pre-Inca culture spot. This is also where the desert and the sea come together in, just a few hours south from Lima, according to Go 2 Peru. Explore the cliffs that fringe the beaches, witness millions of birds that live there year-round, and gaze at sea lion colonies. Try sandboarding, which has become popular on the sand dunes.

José Ignacio, Uruguay


Enjoy the nice weather at this chic, under the radar resort where temperatures stay in the 70s in November. The fishing village has stunning beaches and no traffic jams (except when celebrities are in town in the area of Brava Beach). November is when the town turns from a sleepy place into a buzzing haven for surfers and international jet-setters. Enjoy life as a local and have delicious lunches and small restaurants, sunbathe in the late afternoon, and have midnight dinners followed by late-night parties at beachfront tents.  

Negril, Jamaica


Jamaica offers a wide range of unique escapes to choose from. Adventurers will love Negril. Sunbathing is a given, but you can also go cliff jumping, waterfall climbing, and sunset sailing. Live entertainment at night is thriving with reggae concerts and beach parties with bonfires and more music. Health conscious vacationers headed for Negril might most enjoy a stay at The Caves, a 10-acre all-inclusive resort home to cliff-side accommodations with breathtaking beachfront views and complimentary yoga classes. You can practice while overlooking the ocean.

Santa Catalina Island, California


This is where you go if you don’t want to break the bank and for one of the best snorkeling adventures of your life. The Lover’s Cove is the most popular, a protected area with kelp forest, rock reef, and a “zoo” of cool-water inhabitants, is the most popular spot. Catalina Island is a picture perfect escape that’s just a short boat, plane or helicopter ride from Los Angeles. Adventurous travelers will enjoy kayaking off the coast, hiking or zip lining.



Go on self-guided walks in Bermuda. Discover its unspoiled paradise on foot. You’ll be in awe of the secret turquoise bays, sea grottoes and pastel villages, colorful flowers, birds and fish, and even humpback whales. Explore the quintessential paradise in this sub-tropical gem. The oldest British colony, this tiny treasure trove is packed with history and natural beauty.


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The options of wild adventures seem endlesscave and scuba diving, rock climbing, hiking (epic peaks and steep climbs in Cuba), and dancing in the famous Havana salsa clubs. Locals say that to see the “soul” of Cuba, you must visit the “Oriente,” which is the region east of Camagüey. You’ll see many historic sites, including propaganda billboards. Some of the country’s most beautiful beaches exist there as well.



Arizona is among the most entertaining states for tourists where the temperature in November range from 70F to 80F. The large southwestern state is best known as the home of the vast Sonoran Desert and the mile deep Grand Canyon. With the second most visited national park in the U.S., a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a natural wonder revered by just about everyone, this colossal canyon has beckoned people to its cutaway gorges for hundreds of years. Lake Mead, a manmade reservoir, is popular for unlimited and unrestricted watersports

South Carolina


People go to budget-friendly Charleston for the food, golf courses, and historic sites. The city where the Civil War began undoubtedly tops the list of must-see places for American history buffs. You won’t miss the beach because you are only a short drive away from five beach towns. But you should also consider the lesser-known but equally charming Beaufort. Explore the nearby Hunting Island State Park, its maritime forest, the only publicly accessible lighthouse in the state, and the white-tipped waves of the Atlantic.

Costalegre, Mexico


The exotic series of beaches, capes and bays alongside the Pacific Ocean that make up Costalegre lures visitors with its unparalleled exquisiteness, charming sunsets, and secluded coasts. But don’t be fooled; this place has a very lively nightlife. Tourists go for the adventurous diving sites and fishing. Cycling, camping, horseback riding, polo, diving, zip line and rappelling are also popular. Make time to visit Barra de Navidad to explore pristine beaches with emerald green waters and extensive areas of tropical rainforest, according to Visit Mexico.

Vagaru Island, Maldives


In November the average daytime temperature floats around the 80F. This is a true paradise for snorkelers and divers. You’re going to love the views of land and water coming together. Go there if you are looking for seclusion, peace and luxury at the same time. You can access the private island easily via seaplane taxi, about an hour’s flight from the main island of Malé.