Travel Tip: Make Sure Your Camera Comes Home With You

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“Traveling with my camera has been my livelihood and passion for decades. As a professional photographer and travel guide, I spend time with clients discussing photography fundamentals—composition, exposure, depth of field. In urban areas, whether abroad or at home, photography fundamentals mean nothing if you can’t return with your camera gear. Furthermore, your own safety trumps everything. Here are two tips I’ve found helpful while traveling with a camera in dense urban areas:

1. The Buddy System - Sounds simple enough right? I love strength in numbers. Sticking together just helps keep everything and everyone in check.

2. Keep It Simple - The $400 carbon fiber tripod strapped to your $200 photo backpack screams, “If you think that’s nice, you should see what’s inside!” If you’re headed to the market or will be traveling inside the ancient city walls, chances are you’ll only really need one lens. Leave everything else safely behind.

With a good dose of common sense, employing these two simple steps can help you return home safely.”

Thomas Kokta leads tours to some of the most beautiful places in the world through his boutique adventure travel company A Life of Travel. He is an award-winning photographer whose work is available through Getty Images and can also be seen on his Facebook page.

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