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Flickr/Brian Talbot

Daily torch-lighting and cliff-jumping ceremony in Maui, Hawaii

This week’s featured photo comes from Brian Talbot. It was taken at Black Rock in Maui, during the daily torch-lighting and cliff-jumping ceremony.

According to Talbot this particular site is a legendary place.

Black Rock is the site where ancient Hawaiians believed that their spirits "jumped off" or left this world. Each island has such a spot. It was believed that a spirit left this world to join it ancestors. If there were no ancestors to greet the spirit, it would wander the earth causing mischief.

The area is also known for being home to one of the most recent volcanic eruptions on the island. The rock that formed in the aftermath is now home to an expansive reef and a variety of sea life, which makes it a great spot for snorkeling and swimming.

Editor’s note: this photo by Brian Talbot is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic License.

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