Travel Etiquette for the International Boardroom and Beyond [Infographic]

35 tips for 10 countries on everything from body language to gift giving

One of the most important keys to successful travel is doing your research. Of course you’ll need to answer the obvious questions—where to stay, what to see and how to avoid being arrested, but there is also the question of subtle common customs.

Being respectful of hosts, locals and the culture is imperative. The last thing any traveler wants to do is present as an ignorant tourist who didn’t bother to read up on social norms. As a quick guide, Zendesk put together this infographic with a small sampling of some etiquette tips for business travelers, vacationers and everyone in between. It is always recommended that you do research beyond this list, but it makes for a good read—who knew shirt pockets were off-limits in the UK?

Click the infographic to see it in a larger size.

This infographic originally appeared on the Zendesk blog.

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