Trainer Spotlight: Exercise Anywhere With Amanda Russell

Amanda’s workouts are designed to help you get fit, strong and sexy

As a competitive runner with a bright and promising future, Amanda Russell’s dreams of competing in the 2008 Bejing Olympics came to a screeching halt after she suffered a career-ending injury. She was told that she would never run again.

Somehow, such devastating news never squashed Russell’s passion for health and fitness.  “If running had taught me anything, it was that you cannot give up,” says Russell, who refused to sit back and let fitness become a part of her past.

Russell took the unfortunate hand of cards she was dealt and turned them right around. Having experienced the highs and lows of both ends of the exercise spectrum—the lowest of lows being unable to exercise at all—she became determined to inspire and motivate others to share her enthusiasm for living a healthy, fit life.

“It’s not just about exercise, it’s about owning your body, your life and being excited to conquer each day,” says Russell.

Shortly after launching her YouTube channel, where she shares workouts and fitness tips based on the training techniques she learned as a competitive runner, Russell was nominated as one of “YouTube’s Next Fitness Trainers.”  Expanding upon her online success, she recently launched, a personalized training program that includes an extensive library of Amanda’s workout videos, sample meal plans, healthy recipes, 24 hour client support, and much more.

Russell has made it her mission to provide anyone and everyone with the tools they need to reach all of their health and fitness goals, which is why in 2014 she’ll be joining The Active Times as a community contributor. Every other week she’ll share a new video outlining her newest workout and latest fitness tips.

Check out this week’s high-intensity cardio kickboxing workout here.

“I love people, relationships, and getting inside the human head to find out what ‘IT’ is that motivates us. What motivates you? I am here to help you every step of the way,” says Russell.

Amanda can be found writing about life, fitness, wellness and change on her website: You can also join her on Facebook and Twitter, and find more of her workouts in her Hot Body Fitness App.