Exercise at Your Desk: 5 Quick Fitness Apps

iPhone programs suitable for the cubicle

Part of the reason obesity has gone up so much in the past few decades is that we move around less, especially on the job.  But if you've got a smart phone handy, that's no longer an excuse for not getting in some fitness time on the job.  We rounded up 5 programs from the App Store to help get you moving at your desk.

1. Office YogaMD
The “lite” version of the app is free and worth a download. Yoga is generally helpful for alignment, posture and strengthening flexibility, three factors that can come out of whack in a desk chair.

The lite version offers pose guides that start with how to sit in a desk chair properly for alignment and posture, including a separate guide for how to hold your head and neck. It's a good choice if you're looking to increase flexibility.

2. Ladies Office Workout
We downloaded this app to discover it is one in a series of workouts available from the developer. The free version of the office workout includes one set of the workout. For the remaining two sets, a purchase is required.

Use the free version for a quick 2-10-minute workout. It also includes time and an estimation of calories burned based on the average woman.  It may not be worth the space after you memorize the workout.

3. Office-Fit
This app takes its name as seriously as its workouts. The program allows you to pick what you want the workout to do, whether you are sitting or standing, and how long to do it.  The app then spits out a workout suitable for the options you’ve chosen.

It also provides a timer and visual pose guide for each move. Its alerts feature starts with some default ones, but you can also choose your own.

4. The Wherever Workout
The app’s true to its name in that it offers a workout suitable for many locations. Most of these workouts can be done in the office or any small space. Some don’t even require you getting out of your chair.

Workouts are divided by activity level and range from 4-18 minutes in length. It’s easy to see why this app has a 4.5 star rating

5. Office Stretches
This app, as the name implies, focuses only on stretches. The adjustable time feature allows for some workout flexibility and alerts can be set to allow to remind you to workout, don’t expect much from this app beyond a way to keep muscles from getting tight.