Train Like a Fighter: Tips to Get in Shape for Boxing Workouts

A fitness expert shares his top tips for getting into "fighting" shape

Liston versus Patterson, Ali versus Foreman, Tyson versus Holyfield, and now Mayweather versus Pacquiao; maybe boxing isn’t America’s pastime, but there’s no doubt it’s always had a huge impact on the country’s history, popular culture and, of course, fitness.

According to Dr. Scott Weiss, a board certified athletic trainer, licensed physical therapist and co-founder of Bodhizone in New York City, boxing is without a doubt one of the best ways to work out and an excellent way to burn calories (up to 727 calories an hour), tone your muscles and improve your endurance. 

However, even as the sport (and its many variations) continues to increase in popularity, Weiss says there are still many myths that surround boxing practice and technique.

Before you head to the gym for a boxing workout, Weiss suggests considering the following tips, which he says will help to debunk some of the biggest myths about the sport so you can safely get into fighting shape.

Wrap It Up

Weiss said:

One of the biggest problems with boxers of all weight classes and levels is learning to properly wrap your hands. Whether you’re about to compete in the welterweight championship or just going a round with the punching bag, properly wrapping your hands will prevent injury to your hands and wrists.

Build an Aerobic Base

Weiss said: Despite the inspiration you may have felt while watching Rocky run around at the crack of dawn and raising his arms in victory at the top of the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, running, or “roadwork,” is not the only form of aerobic training and exercise that a boxer can do. Shadow boxing, jumping rope and regular calisthenics like jumping jacks can do more to ensure a proper aerobic base then just running alone. 

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