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Ultra Light OTC Sock by FITS

A tight-fitting sock with a no-nonsense flair, the baby-soft Merino Wool and dynamic Full Contact Fit design mean the lightweight OTC contours seamlessly to its wearer’s foot. It was one of our tester’s favorites as a touring companion since its light weight reduced skinning-induced sweating.
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Merino Ski Light Sock by Lorpen

While not the flashiest socks we’ve ever come by, Lorpen’s Merino Ski Light sock is definitely the pair to turn to when you’re looking for all-day performance. With a flat toe seam and cushy merino wool for comfort, the Ski Light is a great choice for moderately chilly temperatures and hard days on the slopes. Lycra adds a touch of stretch while nylon makes the Ski Light extra durable.
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SB2 Snowboard Sock by Falke

A blend of merino wool and synthetic materials not only mean the SB2 Snowboard Sock by Falke feels great against your skin but, with 20% virgin wool content, warmth is guaranteed.  The yarn in this sock is constructed to wick away sweat quickly so that the foot stays dry and warm, and specific padding in notorious pressure points like the ankles, shins and the calves also works hard so you can shred to your heart’s content.
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Fifty Fifty Sock by Stance

Yeah, they will be in your boot most of the day, but the smooth looks of the Fifty Fifty are too good to hide. Stance offers all the normal features of a good ski sock: they’re cushiony and warm and even offer some arch support. But it’s the unique colorways and standout patterns that really keep the Fifty Fifty stylin’ while you slip in and out of your boots.
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Emblem Snowboard Sock by Burton

Burton offers up a stink-less synthetic blend in this medium-weight sock with padding in all the right places. Added padding on the shin, forefoot and heel mean killing it till last chair is definitely an option.   The Emblem has all the making of a sock that will stay on your feet for years to come—soft, warm and comfortable to boot.
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PhD Snowboard Sock by SmartWool

SmartWool’s PhD medium weight sock offers snowboard-specific cushioning throughout its construction so long days on the board don’t result in irritation and blisters due to pressure points. The real goodness of this sock, however, comes from how good it smells rather than how good it feels. The merino wool’s anti-stink properties kept the sock stank-free for five consecutive days of hard riding before we noticed any odor coming off our tester.
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